Vocational Entrepreneurship-based Training


Apprentices normally spend workdays alternating between marketing and labor. This is planned and tracked on Availability Logs and organizational to-do lists. During training apprentices learn the Urgency Curve sales process, which is applicable to most scenarios, and is a basis for incremental and long term pitching to potential customers.

Google Programming

Apprentices learn how to use GACED’s Google Calendar system to record leads, obtain sales conversions, and conduct services in accordance with marketing disciplines and service protocols. This end-to-end processing of sales and services provides apprentices with real-world scope. Failures happen inevitably in this pursuit. But that makes plane the idea that information is not only relevant but integral in conducting operations and earning profits.

Enriching the Community

Ultimately, this system, based on simple sales tactics and services, educates apprentices on communication in affirmative ways while providing time management training, so as to show pathways to simultaneously honing the skills they will use to enrich their families, communities, and society in general.

On the first day

Apprentices should wear khaki pants, A red or black t-shirt (for labor), apprentices can also wear a reasonable substitution of any of the above but appearance must be business causal.

Routine scheduled work hours: M-F 8:00-6PM.

Apprentice Pay

  1. Apprentices receive a 25 percent of all sales made.
  2. Apprentices get 45 percent for all labor performed. They also receive tips that usually come with labor jobs.
  3. Bonuses are paid for posts about apprentice labor performance.

Training Site Logistics

  1. New York, NY
    1. Apprentices meet at SUNY ATTAIN Center at 2965 8th Avenue, New York, NY (D train stop 155th Street) at 9:00AM, then leave from there to go to turf or to labor jobs.


Apprenticeship Curriculum

Level 1 Training Description 

As an entrepreneur, apprentices must be dynamically educated in human resource recruitment and processing as well as accounts payable/receivables. Each Apprentice is also responsible for multiple job descriptions and passing relative test at every level of Training.

Level One training involves sixteen (16) weeks of project Phone Solicitation, where pitching multiple provides real-world practice and fosters the confidence to solicit in person.

Level 2 Training Description 

Level Two involves eight (8) weeks of direct sales and manual labor for Positivity Indoor and Outdoor Services and Positivity Mobile Detailing and the labor.

Level 3 Training Description 

Level Three training involves twenty-four (24) weeks of GACED and apprentice project Accounts Payable/Receivable, Human Resources, and Customer/Donor Relations and Billing. Design and production, Social Media management, and Website development for Conscious Apparel, and telemarketing of Positivity Mobile Detailing, Positivity Indoor and Outdoor Services, RealtyTrust, DeliverMe, Cuddlebugs, Access Point, as well as GACED’s outreach programming conclude training.