Established as WC

GACED started with a recognition that discouraged urban environments can be remedied through Booker T. Washington’s model of industrial education, when complemented with modern administrative guidance. Wynter Consultants, LLC consultation practice provided the basis for apprentice project support and curriculum.

Applied for 501C3 (educational program)

In December 2015, Michael Wynter, Jr., Founder of Global African Community Education Development, started planning to accommodate various trades that engaged prospective apprentices in manual, technical, and administrative trades. Employee Identification Numbers and state of Maryland Articles of Organization for each trade were filed converting these projects into legitimate businesses.

GACED has filed with the IRS for 501(C)3 certification in 2017 and the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program.

Positivity Market Project

GACED Logos and Letterheads Mockup (3)

With Positivity Market Project, sales and donations garnered by apprentices are counted as program contribution. More than 80% program funds are used to pay apprentices and facilitate their training.

Operational Projects

Operational projects below function to support each other–

  1. Wynter Consultants, LLC
  2. Positivity Mobile Detailing
  3. Positivity Indoor Outdoor Services
  4. Good Food and Beverages
  5. Deliver Me
  6. Access Point
Projects in Development
  1. Conscious Apparel
  2. RealtyTrust
  3. Cuddlebugs Early Learning Centers
  4. Jacuba Travel and Culture